Saturday, August 18, 2007

Coolest transmitter mod you will ever see:

Matt Shumaker made these awesome mods for his transmitter. He modified his transmitter to accept a 9db antenna to improve range. He also modded the steering wheel to increase the travel of the steering wheel without minimizing the steering endpoints on the car. This significantly reduces how twitchy an rc car can get at high speeds:

Here are pics of my modified DX3. It is running a 9DB gain antenna and (obviously) a new steering assembly. The reason for the antenna is range. I get 1500 feet uninterupted with the antenna. The big mod, though is the steering assembly. The story behind the assembly is an interesting one. Basically, I have my top speed car setup for normal daily driving, I.E. good handling and neutral steering. However, when setup that way, over 100 mph the steering is far too touchy. I have tried expo and I do not like dual rates. What I really wanted is farther steering wheel throw to give me finer control at speed, but still have full steering lock. This steering assembly a 3 to 1 reduction ratio. That gives me 3 times farther steering wheel travel, though still fully controllable. I love it! Oh, another reason I made the steering wheel assembly is simply because I can. It is nice to have my own CNC machine shop.

The assembly is comprised of carbon fiber, machined aluminum and a ball bearing supported titanium shaft. The steering wheel is a pink compound Jaco L4 rear wheel that is narrowed and trued down.

Anyway, I know this is not exactly a mod that everyone will want. But, I made it from scratch with materials I have on hand from my heli business. So, it cost me nothing and solves an odd top speed issue in an interesting way.

At this point, this transmitter is perfect for my particular needs.

Oh, it is more comfortable with the wheel in its current location. I love it!


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