Saturday, August 18, 2007

Info on Novak's 118 mph Xray sedan

This is from Charlie talking about Team Novak's high speed car:

BIG THANKS to the R/C Car Action Crew for putting this whole thing together. Had a great time again, and hope this stays a long time tradition.

If anyone has any specific questions about the stuff the Novak Camp Ran please let me know directly, or

Here's the basics though:
Xray T2 Sedan
(2) Max Amps 7.4V 4000 mah Packs
(1) Novak HV 4.5 ESC and Motor
Kimbrough 88 Spur
PRS 50 Pinion
This setup was good for a very easy 105 repeatedly.

Anyone could walk into a hobby shop and build themselves one of these and run it all day long with no major problems.

The Following Setup IS NOT RECOMMENDED
Same basic setup as above, simply with different packs. We used 1 2S, and 1 3S pack connected to the HV. This makes for 5S total. This setup was good for 108, 118, 108, 116 in that order. Each time the car could make 2 passes , but something would "happen" on the 3rd pass causing a crash, or airborne car. Again, this is NOT RECOMMENDED.

I had another car with even more "gear" on it, but we crashed that during shake down runs and damaged it beyond repair. This car had a specially modified ESC, but we never got a chance to "up the voltage".

Bob ran a Kyosho 777 buggy with a HV 4.5 pass 60mph, then we did some "not recommended" battery changes and were able to push pass 72 mph.

The Novak website will have a full write up on our setups and how the day went very soon.

Again, thank you Car Action for the great event. Congrats to all the class winners! See all of you next year!

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