Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mod Man's cars: This car has potential

I ran the car with the Vette C6 body today. It ran straight and pretty easy to drive. However, there is not enough downforce on the nose of the body. The car consistantly flips over backward at 85 MPH. So, I need to increase the downforce at the nose to compensate.

Anyway, it ran very smooth and stable. Oh, I also ran it without the steering gyro. It is harder to get up to speed because of the added steering input I had to give. But, that was OK for the most part. Basically, I nurse the car up to about 60 MPH, then nail it. At 60, the air holds the car straight.

Oh, the car hit 85 MPH with a bit more than 1/2 throttle. Also, the motor was not nearly at its limit. With the previous Hacker (small can motor) you could literally hear and feel the motor straining to push the car up to speed. With this big can Neu motor, the car just winds up to speed very willingly without so much as an odd sound or any appreciable heat build up. I am very pleased about that!

Also, I went up to a 56 tooth pinion. That gives me a final drive ratio of 3.17 to 1. That is good for a calculated 115MPH minimum under load. I will be going down a few teeth on the spur to get the ratio to 2.5 to 1. I also plan on going to higher capacity cells soon. The car pulls over 100 amps under load and is drawing my 6S pack down to 17 volts under load.

Here are a few picks of the car with the body. I am not planning on painting a body for it untill I get the aerodynamics worked out.

From Mod Man:
Here is my FT TC4. It is running 8S through a Neu 1512.2 motor. The car weighs 4.3 pounds and is pushing well over 3HP.

"They are all Associated cars, one FT TC4 (pretty much finished), RC12 L3 (all parts on hand, just need to build it) and an RC 10 L3 (most parts on hand). The TC4 has seen 92 MPH in its previous guise with a Stratus body and 113 without a body. But, it is totaly rebuilt now with about 1.5 times the power and far better aerodynamics.

The TC4 is built and just needs to be wired. It is running a Neu 1512.2 on 8S. The RC 12 L3 will be running a Neu 11 series on 6S. The RC 10 L3 is the bullet of the group. It will be running a Neu 1512 or 1515 on 12S.

The setup is as follows;

RC 10 L3
Castle Creations HV 110 ESC
Thunder Power Extreme 50C 2200 cells (12S)
Neu 1512 2.5

RC 12 L3
Neu 11 series motor (not telling about the wind)
Jazz 50 ESC
TP Extreme 2070 cells (6S)

Each car will run a flat chassis like my TC4.
All cars should be done by April.


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