Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunny Waas's Rustler

Traxxas Rustler w/Velineon 3500kV, Mamba Max and 4S Li-Po


Overview of Sunny's car

Sunny's 53 mph run

Here is a video of a Rustler going 75 mph. This is not Sunny's car but a cool video:

Jacob Eitel's RC18T: Titus-1

Jacob Eitel of northwest Indiana has built this beast for his high speed addiction. He has called it the Titus-1, named after his son.

Jacob says this about his car:

My math roll out without wind and drag is 298.88 MPH I have burned up a motor and I'm super confident I have the record. It's like I said a while ago on one of my post on your site we went two totally different directions with our builds. No one knows who I am but I'm a wrench a mechanical whiz. I built the gas tank and fender on the bike of the year.

I have built many custom cars and I love RC with the sickest passion... hopefully one day we can run them on the same track. My car is nasty fast stable and built using common sense I just got a hair up my butt one day when a cop clocked me doing 49 MPH with a spy esc and a 1200MAH 7.2 and a baja motor in my RC18t. It was then I decided it would be easy to get the car to record speed. I have plans for the next build already to go over 300MPH. I'm hoping to use this car as my resume to acquire sponsors for the next build.

The car itself is based of a variation of all the 1/18Th scale associated cars. It should be just a couple more months before I go for the record and I will post it on you-tube if it happens I will then contact the people at Guinness world records. I want one of those nifty little pieces of paper in a frame with my name on it saying I have a world record. Regardless I know I have the worlds fastest 1/18Th and I would settle for that!!!!