Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Video: Has Magnus broken the world record? 135.3 mph?

Magnus's 135mph run?

Team Associated TC4
Mamba Max 7700 motor setup
DesirePower 5S 3700mAh 25C LiPo batteries

Has Magnus broken Nic Case's world record? Magnus still hasn't verified his speed with a radar gun or speed trap. He is using only a Venom speed meter to measure his speeds. It can be a good estimate of his speed, but only until he gets a radar gun and verified for a more accurate reading. Since it is so dark in the video, you cant see Magnus's car, but you can hear it. See if it sounds any different than Nic Case's World Record run of 134.4 mph:

Nic Case's 134.4 mph run

Magnus had this to say about the run:

I tested with the 5S again today and reached 135.3mph. But i want to verfy it with a radar gun so i hope the one i ordered will be here by next week. But it defently went fast than before. It was whole nother sound from the car (the sound of an over revving motor haha) so it was quicker for sure.

New update is coming in a few days when i've mounted the proper spur. I have the old 75t on instead of the 68t that i've been using the last times.

He says this about the video:

EDIT: Top quality video.. not.. but you can almost see the car lol. But you can defently here that it is going faster than before by the sound of the motor. And as always, I did about 3-4 runs with basicly the same speed. And FYI I will make new runs tomorrow if i get time in daylight.

I'll keep you posted on how Magnus does in the coming days. He posts at Speed Freaks. This is a forum were all the fast guys have been talking about their cars .

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