Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fastest RC Forum is now up

I just finished setting up a forum for all topics in fast RC cars. Come here to post pics/videos and info on your projects. I just went live with this today. Come and start posting your project today.

Fastest RC forum

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sunny's "Megatron" body pics

Sunny's "Megatron"

Sunny's high speed contestant "Megatron":

I've started working on my proper WFRCCC entry, the Megatron. It's based on a Megatech funny car dragster and will ultimately run on 8S (2x 4S NeuEnergy 4100mah packs). The motor at the moment is a Feigao 6XL and will eventually be replaced by a Medusa 036-50-3300V2-5, and the ESC is a Phoenix HV-110 with a Pistix adaptor. It has a motor-to-differential direct drive set-up (overall ratio is 3.33:1).

Video: AJ's Alien 3

AJ said this about his first run:

I tried the car outside and the road was a bit bumpy but the car wasnt all the stable. I have booked onto the drag strip on Monday so will find out then.

The shell is a 1/8th Mercedes CLK shell cut down the middle and 100mm taken out. I then overlap the edges and chop out anything that sticks out. Then use Poly Zap as a glue and drill and bolt it together.

The best I can hope for ism that the car is stable and tracks straight. If not I have a few options.

Add a tail for high speed stability and then add front wishbones but that will add weight and make it wider so I'll need another body.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Video: Nic Case 82mph 18th scale Vendetta

Video: Michel Goulet's Traxxas 4-Tec with Picco .21-81 mph

Mike's info on the run:

Just doing a test run with the 4tec, powered by a Picco .21 P9R modified by ABmods Stage 2, only running a small block pipe for now waiting for the 086 pipe, the small block pipe really hold the power down for now but still do not bad , i also dont go WOT until middle of second and dont hold it long because it still have its metal pinch....


Michel Goulet / Over_revO
15 june 2008
Traxxas nitro 4tec
Engine: Picco .21 P9R modified by ABmods Stage 2

Video: Sunny's 90 mph Traxxas Rustler

Sunny's info:

Name/Nickname: SunnyHouTX
Date of run: June 15, 2008
Car type: Traxxas Rustler
Modifications: FLM chassis and A-arms, Mamba Max ESC, Hyperion LCX 5350 5S LiPo, Lehner Basic XL3100, 18/36 Mod1 gearing, and custom suspension and aerodynamics
Speed: 90mph

Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Gordon Freeman's" Academy SBV2

"Gordon Freeman" posted some info on his speed demon:

So I have a car (Academy SBV2, 4WD 1/10 offroad) laying around, a spare MM, a 3S 3600 battery. I heard some guy going well over 100 with the CM7700 motor and a 4S pack. So I ordered the 7700.

Got it going today, did a few speed runs. I don't have anyway to measure it right now. Looked to be doing a good 60+. One run it flipped over so I added a front wing.

After just a few runs the ESC was about 150F the motor a little less. The batteries seem ok at just under 100F.

The last run destoyed the plastic outdrives (don't laugh), and melted the rear diff together. Hmmmm. They make steel outdrives for it, so I guess I'll be getting those. I have this funny feeling this may become a money pit. Grin

Looks like a good setup. I owe it to "Gordon" for the spreadsheet I use for doing speed calculations. He is the one that came up with the initial calculations and then I took his idea and added to it. I owe him one! Good luck on your build. I hope to see pics and videos.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Video: The speed of Jim Schauer

Jim's record breaking 1.28 second ET run.

On board with Jim 1

On board with Jim 2

On board with Jim 3