Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Video: Vassmar's 112 mph brushless TC4. Now With radar!

112 mph pass

110 mph pass

It has been a couple months since Vassmar tested his brushless TC4. In his last testing session, his speed was up to 135mph according to his venom speed meter. This time he has a radar gun handy to easily see his speed. Vassmar said this about his testing:

Was out and did some quick testing today. Only had time to do like 3 runs before it got too dark tho. But 112mph on the radar was max. But that was on the first run with barley full throttle. Then i got some false readings and then i missed the radargun completly. But the last runs defently felt quicker than the first.

But the good news is that the new delrin spurs holds up really good. Looks like brand new so far
Bad news is that o forgot to empty the Medusa recorder so i didn't get any readings at all on it...

New update is coming tomorrow!

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