Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RC Speed Run in Quincy IL.

Big Squid is reporting that Tim Mohr and Mike Ogle setup a speed run event in Quincy, IL not too long ago. Check out the story and more pictures here.

Pics from the U.K. "Gadget Show" filming

Chris's car after a long jump attemp
Take a look at that huge ramp!

The U.K. "Gadget Show" filmed some speedy and high flying cars this week. There was a high speed contest and a long jump contest. A new Guiness World record was set for a nitro car of 85mph. The longest jump was 148 feet. Chris, who attended the event, had this to say:

It was a great day, unfortunatley Nic couldn't run as the ESC packed in and his spares hadn't arrived in time Sad
the long jump was 148ft it landed great but bounce and rolled once landing back on its wheels but that didn't count Huh?
the presenter Jason drove my twin and managed 85mph wich was enough for the GWR to recognise it as a new record. to be fair to jason he did pretty well for a novice and we got what we wanted another land speed record recognised by guiness.
It was an interesting day with a few problems but a great atmosphere, were going back friday to try set a long jump record but as the rules are so strict its not going to be easy.
the hybrid rocket car was spectacular to watch especially in the dark.
thats about it guys


The show is expected to be aired on Monday December 15th at 8:00pm on Channel Five.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Britain's Bloodhound car could reach 1,000mph

1,000 mph bloodhound

This news is a couple days old, but its the coolest thing I've seen in a while. The Brits are looking to extend their land speed record to 1000 mph according to this article. This isnt r/c related, but a lot of guys that are doing this high speed r/c stuff are influenced heavily from full size cars. Nic Case's record breaking Schumacher streamliner is based on a full size JCB diesel streamliner. So you can easily see the influence that full size cars have on the r/c racing community.

350 mph JCB DieselMax
Nic Case's 160 mph streamliner
Ron Ayres and carbon fibre model of Dieselmax - Bonneville salt flats

Submit your speed run

This is a form to submit your speed run to be entered into a database for unofficial speed records. This is in beta testing as an ISC website is being setup.

A table of the records can be found here

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

R/C speed cars on the U.K. Gadget Show

Chris has just announced that the popular U.K. "Gadget Show" will be covering a R/C high speed event. This is the first time that a R/C speed contest will be covered for T.V. The event will feature 2 main R/C categories, speed and jumping. Officials from Guinness Book of Records will be there to monitor and record any new records that could be set on that day. The show will be broadcast late December or early January 2009. The event will also feature a very, very fast driver from the U.S.

According to Chris:

Ziggy and myself have been in talks with the Gadget show to get an event broadcast here in the UK, filming will done next week and we have a special guest who we all know, coming over from the US with a certain very very very fast car (guess who Grin). The event will feature 2 main r/c catagories speed and jumping. We will have the officials from Guiness Book of Records there to monitor and record any new records that we hope to set on the day. The show will be broadcast late December or early january 2009.
Included in the speed challenge there will be electric, rocket and nitro cars, the jumping will be to set the worlds longest r/c jump.
This is hopefully going to get the word out very quickly about speed racing and links from their website to our's will be provided (and hopefully broadcast on TV).
This really could be the boost we need at the moment to help get the word out about ROSSA and speed racing.


This will be an excellent opportunity to get the word out about high speed R/C. I cant wait.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fastest RC cars records updated

I have updated the official and unofficial records list. The list can also be found here. If you can see any errors let me know so corrections can be made.

You can also submit your own speed (here) to be listed on the unofficial records.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Nic Case's 161 mph record breaking Shumacher at iHobby

Big Squid has a picture of Nic Case's record breaking 161.76 mph Shumacher streamliner at the iHobby show in Chicago.

Submit your speed record

Here is a list of the fastest rc cars on record. I have included official records (speeds recorded at organized speed competitions) and unofficial records. Unofficial records can be posted by anyone who has video of their run with a radar reading of their speed. Unofficial "classes" can be created and modified at any time. This way anyone with an R/C car can submit their speed no matter what type of car it is. Only Official Records have specific classes with rules that need to be met to get listed as an official speed. You can submit your speed run videos in the forum here.Some of the listings are incorrect and need to be updated. I will update and correct these in the future.

Team Novak driver Tim Smith breaks record at International R/C Speed Challenge

Team Novak driver Tim Smith clocked an 84.54 mph run in Scale Electric at the International Speed Contest at Rockingham dragstrip October 4th. Tim drove a Novak/MaxAmps/Grand MotorSports electric vehicle with a GTB Programmable Brushless/Brush ESC, a Velociti 3.5R Racing Brushless Motor and a production-oriented 2-cell Li-Po.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Awesome video from the IMDRA World Finals

IMDRA World Finals Sunday Eliminations

IMDRA World Finals Friday Qualifying

Here is some great video from the 2008 IMDRA drag racing World Finals in San Antonio. This event was the same weekend as the International R/C Speed challenge in North Carolina. Many people had to choose which event to attend. The infamous Jim Schauer attended the IMDRA World Finals in San Antonio at the Litespeed racetrack.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another video of Nic Case's 161.76 mph run

New video footage from the run
Previous video

Nic had this to say about the run:

Shawn Palmer @ Schumacher ----- Supported me from he beginning!
Nick Maslowski for loaning me key equipment
Steve Rodgers @ Flight Power for great batteries & the help in he pits & retrieving the car
The People at Castle ------ great electronic equipment
Josh Tyler & Lou ----- for all the help during testing !
Steve Neu ------ building a great motor
All the people at RC4WD ----- for machining some great wheels !
Greg H & Freeman T --- for the support
Rob Donelson --- Brainstormer
Matt Shumaker --- Brainstormer
John Trino Brainstormer
Shawn Palmer--- Brainstormer
Frank Amestoy--- Brainstormer
Josh Reese— Brainstormer
Mike Ogle— Brainstormer
Brad Williams— Brainstormer
Bill Chaterlea --- Brainstormer
Robert Crysel Brainstormer-- & machining help
Ray Lathrop---- Brainstormer
Tony Lovering--- Brainstormer
Billy Weeks & Steve Earwood --- For having the event at such a great facility!

What a Rush!
Nic Case

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Video: Coverage that the ISC needs

Speed TV's Wind Tunnel and Dave Despain have a report on the 2008 IFMAR 1/8th Off-Road World Championship that was held in Charlotte N.C. September 14-21st 2008. This is the type of coverage that the ISC needs.
Results from the event:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Video: Shawn Palmer's Monster truck

Video: Rocket car at the 2008 R/C Speed Challenge U.S. round

This was pretty cool to watch. Its a rocket car that travels along a wire laid down on the track. The engine is ignited and the wire guides the car. The designer has claimed almost 200 mph with this car on previous runs. He had some issues with the guide wire during this run. This was exiting to see.

Video: Derek's streamliner

Derek's car is a modified Tamiya TAO5. Max speed from these runs is about 85 mph, I believe.

Video: Nic Case's 155 mph pass

Nic Case made 2 passes at the 2008 R/C Speed Challenge. The first pass was at 155 mph and the second was 161 mph. This is video of the first pass. Thanks to Derek for the video. More video and information on the results will be posted soon.

Saturday, October 4, 2008