Saturday, November 29, 2008

Video: Gizmo's Twin engine Dragster

Gizmo's beast was seen tearing up the scale quarter mile setup at Houston Motorsport Park this past weekend. Check out the amazing dual engine and quad wheel setup. Simply amazing.

Video: Paul's RC10R5 - 100+mph?

Is this the fastest Associated RC10R5? Details on the car are murky, no info is given as to what equipment is being run or how many cells are being used.

Video: Brian's Brushless GTP - 97mph?

Is this the fastest brushless OFNA Ultra GTP? You decide.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ryu James's Schumacher Mi3-3 speed

Using the same base car as Nic Case's heavily modified fastest r/c car in the world, Ryu James has built up a nice brushless 3 speed Shumacher Mi-3 for some speed runs. This is what he says about the car:

so here is my schumacher 3 speed i finished. i put the gps on it and it did 74mph. not bad. not the 100mph i was hoping for but just a gearing issue. but this is plenty fast and drivable. but it has no grip. it slides all over and went thru a pair of tires after 2 batteries. i ordered some foams. we'll see how they do. now i am finishing the RC8T and then its on to my 1/5 scale on road. been slowly starting on that one.
the schumacher is kinda ugly right now. just wanted to get it done to see how it ran. now i am going to clean it up with tons of carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum. i will post more pics later.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Video: home made R/C turbine funny car

"Kenazzo" from Malta has been working on his homemade turbine funny car. He posted the first videos of it running under the turbines power. This thing could be the fastest R/C car around.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

More pictures on the set of "The Gadget Show"

Nic Case's record breaking 161 mph Schumacher Mi3 over in the U.K.

Gadget Show presenter Suzi Perry taking the wheel of a car

More pics here

Gary O's "Problem Child II"

This is what Gary says about his car:

About 3/4 of the way through building Problem Child it became obvious that it wasn't the most efficient way to build a speed car. It quickly became very large, very heavy and despite my attempts at simplicity, very complicated.

I hadn't even finished PC before PCII was coagulating in my mind. It seems that a twin engine car would accelerate more quickly, would be lighter, smaller and would likely be faster at top end.

I went through a half dozen designs, each having some design flaw that I just didn't like. I wanted to keep 4wd since it seems for more stable than rwd and puts the power down better than fwd.

Then. a couple days ago, after completing my mail-order correspondence classes and graduating Magna cum 'Loudy' from the Nick Mazlowski School of Backwards R/C Cars, the solution came to me....spin PC around and run it in reverse! Seriously! That Nick's a genious!

Spinning the engines around allows the exhaust to exit towards the rear of the car, narrowing the body and allowing it to taper at the rear. Using the two rear engines (now front) will give stability at speed and allow the use of Mac's pipes inside the body.

The steering will be at the front (sorry Nick, I'm not that crazy!) and the rear diff will be mounted ala Associated 10L. A second drive shaft will allow the rear diff to go up and down.

The cool thing is, I'll be able to use almost all of the drive train technology I developed with PC along with many pick up points.

Well, I have no CAD skills (skipped that class at the Nick Mazlowski School of Backwards R/C Cars) but I can solder a wicked brazing rod or two and that's what I've done to get an idea of how things will come together....

Here is PC and PCII. Note the noses and tails are reversed

Ziggy's "Black Knight" rocket hybrid

Ziggy said this about his car:

After building and running a number of IC cars at speed I have deceided to deviate slightly and try to build a non wheel driven car. I was lucky enough to be contacted by Ben Jarvis, one of the few guys in the UK that understands hybrid rocket technology and has the capacity and know how to put together a power system for the car. With his know how of hybrid rocket systems and my understanding of RC technology with regards to speed cars our team has a good chance of building a vehicle capable of 200mph. This car will be called "Black Knight"