Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another insane Traxxas Rustler shooting for 100mph

From "PBO":

I know of up to 6 Rustlers attempting to crack the 100mph mark

There seems to be a lot of comment about nearly every aspect of each attempt, so I thought I'd throw my effort into the ring for a bit of flaming

Feel free to comment...


Motor = Neu 1515 1.5d
Lipo = 2 x Thunder Power 4S (3300 30C) in parallel
Gearing = 34 spur, 25 pinion Mod1
Wheels = Jato
Arms = RPM
Trans = stock
Shocks = Big bore
Shock towers = custom 4mm alloy/3mm CF
Chassis = custom 4mm alloy
Servo = stock
Body = XL5 modified
Front wing = inverted XL5 rear wing
Rear wing = BRP super wing
Wing mounts = custom alloy/CF

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