Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ISC closed course speed run results

Posted by Nic Case at the ISC forums:

A quick run down – of the ISC Insane Speed Run at Indy
New Closed Course records were set --- results, to be posted soon at

Shawn Palmer - Open Wheel on foams, 50.57 mph. With a 4wd off road CAT

Tony Fox -- 2WD stock 80.41mph this is going to be hard to beat.

Shawn Palmer--4WD Stock record to 68.83mph. with a Velo nascar body on his Schumacher Mi-4

Steve Cutshaw -- Electric MOD 76.38mph to claim the new record with his old school car.

And little ol me -- Electric OPEN 84.90mph in an incredible thrash session from my pit crew changing tires

John Foister had a some cars to beat – but it just did'nt pan out for him. I learned a lot from you John --Thanks buddy.
A big thank you to Gerry & Brent for all the timing and computer help.
Thanks to everyone, Mark, John, Bob, Matt , Tony, Steve, Brian, Mike, Shawn, All the help with tools ,parts canopy, everything. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone…..
You guys are great! Can wait to come back next year. – Maybe during a Fun-Run. Stay tuned.

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