Friday, November 13, 2009

Nic Case's 2009 USR car

From the ISC:

I've only stated working this Oct 3rd. (Just short of one year from Oct 4th 2008 -Rockingham)

Just got it together last night. I'll be trying a 6s stradegy. I've only got 2 test runs in, the fastest at 155. That was done with lowest gearing that I have --- with those Great RW gears (so quiet)! Even the motor is a little smaller - it's a NEU 1512 1.5D 3300kv - this baby's got some kick!Castle has a new speedo - HV-140 that should be good. BSR made the tires - Love-em. CD Adapco helped with some aero stuff. Same, Stout Schumacher Mi-3. The Power Edge Batteries are Very Strong. I also switched fro the 3PJ to the New Futaba 4PK -- the adjustments are awesome! And it still has 1400" of range! The servo is a digital Futaba - wow is it strong. I have a 12s set-up ready to go (if needed) ;-)


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