Monday, November 15, 2010

Video: FG sportline with NOS

Running a FG sportline with a 2 speed, big power pipe, SS535 Body, 26 cc Zenoah, GRP tires

Video: ISC Ultimate Speed Run 2010. 1/5 Baja action (Bad Language)

First report from the 2010 ISC Ultimate Speed Run-Records Broken

Tim Smith reporting from the 2010 ISC USR.

New ISC Records from USR 2010 Fontana

Open Wheel: Greg Hurtado, 102.30 mph
Mini: Nic Case, 114.11 mph
IC Open: Marc Davidson, 117.56 mph
IC Big Block: Marc Davidson, 120.25 mph
IC Small Block: Marc Davidson, 101.01 mph
2 cell Electric stock 4wd: John Schultz, 106.53 mph
2 cell Electric Stock 2wd: Tim Smith, 119.09 mph
4 cell Electric Mod: Nic Case, 143.54 mph

Monday, November 1, 2010

Videos from the 2010 ROSSA speed run

150 mph rocket car

Rocket Explosion

2010 Speed Championship Kevin Simms' 4-cell TC5 at 120mph

Jays 2cell flip Kevs 4cell flip and Tonys rocket 150mph

kevin Simms.2 cell, 4 cell and rustler
2 cell 106mph,4 cell 120mph rustler 105mph

More videos here.